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Why Should You Choose to Have a Tax Agent in Dubai?

The commencement of the new tax system in Dubai under the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has boosted the requirement of tax consultants. The tax agents are appointed as per the rules mentioned in Article 1, Chapter 1, of the Federal Law Number 7, 2017. According to this chapter, the agents will have to comply with the new eligibility criteria to serve as the tax consultants for businesses and professionals.

The approval from FTA regarding tax agents in Dubai is a boon for the business owners and working professionals. It has become easier to file tax and enjoy the benefits designed by the government for the people.

Who are registered tax agents in Dubai?

As mentioned earlier, the professional tax consultants falling under the eligibility criteria cited by Article 1, Chapter 1, of the Federal Law Number 7, 2017, are registered tax agents that a company can hire to do its taxes. The implementation of the Value Added Tax (VAT) regime should be considered by the companies and service providers. It has become mandatory for such entities to follow the law. Hence, it is better to learn who these companies can hire for complying with the new tax regime.

As per the definition mentioned in Federal Law Number 7, a tax consultant in Dubai is a registered and authorized tax professional who can represent a company, firm or corporation in front of FTA for filing tax and maintain the requirements of tax compliance every cycle. The tax obligations should be met with precision and only the best tax agents should be hired for doing it. These agents will be directly interacting with the FTA regarding the tax matters.

Criteria to become a Dubai tax consultant

A book of standards has been scribed by the FTA for the professionals who aspire to become tax agents in Dubai. These requirements are set at a high level so that the tax-related operations are met with precision and the service seekers can enjoy peace of mind.

As per the indications in the Article 14, Part II, Chapter 3, here is a list of requirements an individual has to comply with to become a registered tax consultant in Dubai.

  • The tax personnel must have at least 3 years of  experience in this particular field of accounting, taxation or law to file for registration.
  • The person must know how to speak in English and Arabic.
  • The individual must have pursued a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in taxation, law or accounting. The certification must be from an accredited institution considered by the authority.
  • A consecutive series of tests will be conducted by the FTA to find out whether the applicants have ample knowledge regarding accounting, taxation, and law.
  • Physical fitness is also a criterion for those who are willing to apply for the registration process.
  • The professional must hold indemnity insurance to apply.
  • There should be no record misdemeanor, crime or anything off-putting in the record of an aspirant.

Meeting these standards will be necessary for the aspirants. Fitting in this description, anyone can apply for registering with the FTA to become a tax agent. The FTA thoroughly scrutinizes all the documents produced by the aspirants to check any discrepancies and find out their authenticity. The decision is delivered to the applicant within 15 working days by the authority. It also takes only 5 days to get registered as a tax agent in the Register of the FTA.

Final words

Becoming a tax consultant in Dubai will need dedication and a clean profile. The integrity of a tax agent is very important for a company’s welfare. In fact, the FTA will only entertain a registered tax agent appointed by a company or a professional to handle the tax obligations.

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