SIJI offers tailor-made, advanced, and affordable elevator and lift solutions for residential and commercial spaces throughout UAE. We provide supply, installation, maintenance, modernization, and repair services.

Wide range of our elevator and lift products include but not limited to household elevators, shopping complex elevators, sight-seeing elevators, luxurious elevators, goods elevators, capsule elevators, hospital elevators, and hydraulic elevators. We offer custom solutions that fit to the specific needs and requirements of our clients.      

What distinguishes us from our competitors is the affordability of our products. Our team of elevator engineers and consultants ensures to provide futuristic solutions in an affordable price range. 

Upgrade & Modernization of Any Elevator SIJI also offers upgrade, modernization, and repair of any elevator installed by any manufacturer throughout UAE. After some years of installation, elevator’s technology may get outdated, it may face breakdown and delay issues. We have a committed maintenance and modernization team to solve such issues and enhance lifts’ performance, comfort, and safety.